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Just had an airbnb cancel on me spewing racism, she wrote. To compound the problem, the continued snow was making it increasingly dangerous to get down the mountain, according to Suh.By the grace of God, Suh said in a Facebook comment, therewas a crew from KTLA 5 News that happened to be parked near them on the mountain while covering the winter storm. One of the stations reporters, Steve Kuzj,interviewed Suh using his smartphone. Still reeling from what had just happened, Suh sobbed as she recounted what she said were the hosts messages. Video from that KTLA 5 interview was uploaded to YouTube this week.

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Suhsaid in the video that she has been living in the United States since she was 3 years old. She currently is enrolled in the Critical Race Studies Program at the UCLA School of Law. Im an American citizen. This is my home, Suh said in the video. It stings.

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